Privacy Preserving Information Brokering

Information integration, peer-to-peer  file sharing systems and publish-subscribe systems provide partial solutions to the problem of large-scale data sharing. Information integration approaches focus on providing an integrated view over a large number of heterogeneous data sources by exploiting the semantic relationship between schemas of different sources. The PPIB study assumes that a global schema exists within the consortium, therefore, information integration is out of our scope. Peer-to-peer systems are designed to share files and data sets (e.g., in collaborative science applications). Distributed hash table technology is adopted to locate replicas based on keyword queries. The explosion of information collected by organizations in many realms ranging from business to government agencies, there is an increasing need for inter-organizational information sharing to facilitate extensive collaboration. While many efforts have been devoted to reconcile data heterogeneity and provide interoperability, the problem of balancing peer autonomy and system coalition is still challenging. Most of the existing systems work on two extremes of the spectrum, adopting either the query-answering model to establish pair wise client-server connections for on-demand  information access, where peers are fully autonomous but there lacks system wide coordination, or the distributed database model, where all peers with little autonomy are managed by a unified DBMS. The context  of sensitive data and autonomous data providers, a more practical and adaptable solution is to construct a data-centric overlay . They consisting of data sources and a set of brokers that make routing decisions based on the content of the queries. Such infrastructure builds up semantic-aware index mechanisms to route the queries based on their content, which allows users to submit queries without knowing data or server location. In our previous study, such a distributed system providing data access through a set of brokers is referred to as Information Brokering System (IBS)

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